Sidequests Guide

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Table of Contents (Use CTRL+F to quickly find any of these sections):

  1. Winning the Colosseum
  2. Defeating Neptune
  3. Completing the Hidden Dungeon
  4. Defeating the Ghost Captain
  5. Getting the Second Airship
  6. Saving the Town of Rosevelle
  7. Acquiring all the Monster Allies
  8. Getting Elvis to join your party
  9. Getting the Third Airship
  10. Collecting all 9 Skull Medallions

1. Winning the Colosseum

The Colosseum is just to the west and south of Morrieta, the starting town. There are 6 challenge levels you can take on. While the rewards for the first 5 levels are nice, the best reward comes from completing the final level, 6, which is also the hardest. The difficulty of level 6 is about the same as the fight against Zed– if you have reached Zed’s castle, you are probably strong enough to clear level 6. Your reward will be a Star Medal, one of the best items in the game, and a bonus ending scene.

Location of the Colosseum.

2. Defeating Neptune

Neptune is a moderately-difficult boss that you can fight after you first acquire the ship. Defeating him will give you an additional ending scene after beating the game.

This character hints at Neptune’s existence.
This character tells you where Neptune is found.
Touching one square to the right of the ship will have you encounter Neptune.

3. Completing the Hidden Dungeon

In the first world, there is an ultra-challenging hidden dungeon. There is a ton of really high-quality treasure here, however. I would recommend searching through the place either just before fighting Zed, or just after. Of course, you can always use the Infinity Repel, get all the treasures, and not worry about the harder monsters! Less fun that way, though. Earn that treasure!

This is where it’s located. You need the airship to get to it.

4. Defeating the Ghost Captain

This is one of the hardest bosses in the game, and I would recommend you don’t fight him until you have reached at Elvis’ Tower. If you defeat him, then the eventual boss encounter when you meet Elvis will be even harder. This is the sidequest for hardcore players who want the game to truly challenge their strategy.

And if you’re ULTRA hardcore, and defeat the Ghost Captain with only your main character (ie, not ever recruiting other party members), AND then defeat Elvis in the New World, again with just that single character, then you will get something really special in the game’s ending. This is a challenge that only, like, one person in the world has ever done.

Go up to this ship in the first world in order to get to the Ghost Captain.

5. Getting the Second Airship

You can get an airship in the New World. First, you have to reach the town of Rosevelle.

Go to this spot in the northeast corner of the town. Walk along the wall until you find a staircase in back of the house.
The airship costs 100,000 Coins.


6. Saving the Town of Rosevelle

Rosevelle is a weird town, but you can restore it to normalcy, or just let it die, if you’d like. Here’s how.

In this spot on the mountains where the X is, is a hidden area containing an item called the Ice Bomb. This is directly south of Rosevelle.
After hitting a few floor tile switches inside this ruined house, you’ll find the Ice Bomb. Bring it to Elder Pebble in Rosevelle to decide what you want to do with the town.

7. Acquiring all the Monster Allies

There are 6 monsters you can recruit to your party: a Slime, Skeleton, Centaur, Golem, Gold Slime, and Shark. To see what each monster does, check out the Class Guide.

In order for to get the monster on your party, you need a unique item dropped by a monster of that type, and a substantial amount of money. Here’s where to find the “Creature Kids” who give you the monster allies:

The first one is just north of Morrieta, the starting town. The item you need is Slime Goop.
The second one is along the path in the Rialto region. The item you must bring is a Skeleton Head.
Pretty close to the path in Verdantura is where you can get a Centaur. You need to bring Hay.
The Golem is hidden in the mountain maze northwest of Fairland. You need to bring Malleable Ore.
The Gold Slime is in the New World, and is nestled in a spot that you can easily overlook. It’s directly south of Elvis’ Tower. You only need the Slime Goop again for this one.
The final monster, the Shark, is also in the New World. It is on a tiny island that you can only get to with the airship. The item you need is Shark Bait.

8. Getting Elvis to join your party

If you don’t do this sidequest, Elvis will die. Not only can you rescue him and restore his sanity, you can even get him to join your party. Here’s how:

First, you’ll want to walk over to these trees right near Elvis’ Tower in the New World.
Inside that area, grab “Elvis’ Rock” from the chest.

After getting the item, return to Morrieta and give it to Queen Muriel, who is Elvis’ mother. If you are polite to her in the conversation you have, Elvis will live and will hang out in Morrieta after you defeat him in his tower. If you are rude to Queen Muriel, Elvis will still die, but will be in Morrieta as a ghost.

After doing all of the above and beating the game, you can allow Elvis to join you by returning to Morrieta and talking to him.

9. Getting the Third Airship

World 20XX is massive and a pain to get around. Having an airship helps with that. It’s pretty easy to get, and you can get it very quickly.

It’s literally just hidden on this random tree tile. Go to that spot, flip a switch, and the airship will appear. There’s another character who hints that the airship is on the “fifth forest from the west” of the island. So if you start at the northwestern part of the frozen island in World 20XX, and walk east a bit, the fifth patch of forest tiles is where the airship is.

10. Collecting all 9 Skull Medallions

This is the sidequest to end all sidequests. Here are the Skull Medallion locations.

This dude lives on an island in the starting World. He’s extremely rich.
The first Medallion is in the first Ice Dungeon in the game– the one just west of Rialto.
The second is in the Oasis dungeon, southwest of Rialto.
The third is in the cave section of Mount Verdant, the dungeon that’s east of Verdantura.
The fourth is in the Ancient Civilization Ruins, that pyramid building that you needed 4 items to get into. The place where you get the airship.
The fifth is in the Ice Dungeon that’s west of Zed’s castle.
The sixth is in this section of the Hidden Dungeon.
The seventh is in Zed’s castle.
The eighth is hidden just 1 square north of where the player is seen standing here. This is on the frozen island in the southeast corner of the New World. Of course, the medallion is still not easy to get to…
You have to go through this maze to find the chest. You can follow the patches of grass to find the correct way to go. You can totally use the “Infinity Repel” to make it easier, too.
The final medallion is in World 20XX, and is the hardest one to find yet. It’s in Castle Frogstump. First, you have to defeat Bosser. Then, talk to this girl in the northwest corner of the map.
Go down the stairs that the little girl opens up and flip this switch.
Go BACK to Bosser’s Temple, accessible from Castle Frogstump if you forgot, and there is now a new bridge leading to the final Skull Medallion.
Return to the old man in the original World, and hand over your Skull Medallions. He will give you literally millions of Coins. Literally. That’s so many Coins that the game will glitch out and no longer be able to display your Coins properly. No joke. But having that much money can make the final boss fight against the Phoenix much easier, because you’ll easily be able to afford the strongest equipment as well as more-than-enough stat-boosting items.

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