Teragard Is Available Now! And it costs $7.99.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post about how Teragard is now available! It’s a 20+ hour open-world SNES-inspired RPG, and it’s only $7.99. I have been hard at work on Teragard for the past several years, and it’s a game that I’ve been trying to make for more than a decade.

It was such an ambitious and massive undertaking to make this game that I personally have no idea how it turned out. Is it a fantastic game? That’s for you to decide. I can say that, personally, I’m very proud of it, and I had a lot of fun playing it once it was all finished.

I hope that you give it a try and enjoy it. I’ve never worked harder on anything in my life, and the game’s story is something that I feel very strongly about.


P.S. Whenever I release a game, I always get tons of emails from random “representatives” of various websites, YouTube channels, review outlets, and so on, and they all ask for free copies of the game to “review.” When I released my first game, Sojourner, I had no idea what I was doing and was happy to give out download codes to whoever asked, so that they could review the game… I quickly found out that absolutely zero of those people ever reviewed the game, and all of the download codes I had given away ended up being resold on crappy third-party sites. So now, when I get those emails, I’ve been having a lot of fun writing cheeky, honest responses like this one:

Writing emails like these to the random people asking for free copies is oddly satisfying. Before you judge me, be aware that, in my experience, every one of these emails are just kindly-worded scams.