Sojourner Version 3.0 is here!

Yes, the update that very few people were asking for has finally come out! I figured that, for various reasons, quite a few new folks have purchased the game recently or are trying it out for the first time, and they ought to have the best experience with the game possible.

Here are the changes in Version 3.0:

  • Made some of the weaker classes far more resilient, especially the spellcasting classes.
  • Changed the EXP requirements of each class, so that classes will be a bit closer in overall level.
  • Made the monster classes level up faster than regular characters, as a way to incentivize players to actually use them and to keep the game more balanced.
  • Increased the initial ATK and DEF of all characters, in order to make the early-game just a teensy bit easier.
  • Improved the system for swapping between party members.
  • Made the EXP reward increase if you have fewer party members.
  • Made the secret character considerably stronger and more-worth using.
  • Decreased the encounter rate slightly.
  • Improved the equipment screen. The “optimize” button will no longer change a character’s accessory.
  • Fixed the resolution and full-screen problems. Now press F5 to enter fullscreen. Or F6 to resize window.
  • Fixed some typos.


I wasn’t actually expecting to ever update Sojourner again, especially because I am hard at work on my next game. However, I have been learning a lot, and have been aware of a few of Sojourner’s flaws for a long time. It wasn’t toooo much effort on my part to update the game.

So please enjoy these improvements, and look forward to hearing more about my next game, which I’ll be revealing… eventually.