Massive Sojourner Update Just Released! Version 2.0!

Hey friends, I’m so happy to announce that Version 2.0 of Sojourner is out now (and your copy of the game has probably already been updated). Some big, much-requested changes have been made, and the game is extraordinarily better for them. Here are the changes from this latest update:

  • Allow the player to resize the window and adjust resolution.
  • Removed character portraits from the combat screen because it just looked too clunky
  • Substantially increased the damage of the summon spells
  • Rebalanced some of the game’s harder bosses and enemies
  • Improved regeneration skills for HP and MP, and made poison more effective.
  • Increased the power of some skills.
  • Fixed the music looping badly.
  • Drastically improved the rewards for collecting all the Skull Medallions
  • Sorcerer class now learns spells faster.
  • Fixed a bug where warping out of Jaggo’s party would leave the screen the wrong color.
  • Minor bug fixes and typo fixes.


If you already have the game, the update has already been applied on Steam.

If you haven’t picked up the game yet, there has never been a better time! Head over to the shop page!