Siliconera’s Interview with Michael Squirrel, about SOJOURNER

Legend of Sojourner: A Link to the Interview
(seriously, clicking this link takes you to the interview)

A while back, Joel Couture of Siliconera reached out to me requesting to do an interview about my first game, Sojourner. I obliged, and then very soon after I was sent to the hospital for pneumonia, where I stayed for a couple weeks. When I recovered we eventually got around to doing the interview, which has just been published.

I talk about drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, building on things that have come before, the value of making retro-style games, why it’s fun to make fun of RPG tropes, and more. So click here to read it.

This is actually the second time Sojourner has been featured in Siliconera. They released a brief article at the game’s launch, providing an overview of what the game offered. Feel free to read that too if you’d life.

I’m planning some fun things for Sojourner later down the road, so follow me on the socials if you’d like to stay tuned.

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